An explosion of life…

2 03 2011

The Ngamo release site may seem to be all about lions, but we have another goal too.  It is our hope that land used for the lion release program will be rejuvenated for other species as well.  The land on which our lions are living out their days has been plundered for its resources for too long; devoid of animals and with the natural processes of nature halted .  Since the site has been open we have seen a huge regeneration in the flora within the site, and with it, the fauna.  A formerly barren land is now teeming with life from the minute right up to the apex predator; the Ngamo pride.

We have seen birds in particular flock to the site, including several species of vulture taking advantage of carcasses made available by the lions; a vital lifeline to these species.  Seed eating birds are appearing in large numbers to harvest the plants that are increasing in vigour.  And of course that brings predators in the form of several species of eagle and falcon. Today the first secretary bird joined the residents to feed on the obviously increasing number of reptiles calling the site home.

The lions themselves are of course adding to this new life.  While Kenge remained tucked away in her secluded den with her two little ones today, the rest of the girls decided to explore the mopane woodland of The Valley area. Athena was still amongst the group and appeared to be enjoy a communal nap with them. Meanwhile Milo was spotted upon the elevated grounds of the Serengeti area, over-seeing his pride lands.


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