Get in touch with your inner cub

6 03 2011

We arrived upon a very playful pride this morning (5th March). After a brisk walk from Amboseli to the Camp area, led by Ashanti, the cool morning air obviously sparked the inner cubs in our girls.

Ashanti started off the infectious shenanigans by attempting to climb a tree, failing, and sprinting to a nearby termite mound to wait in ambush for her other pride members to pass. Nala became the victim as Ashanti bolted after her setting off a sprinting race while Phyre decided to test her climbing skills also. Phyre eventually grew bored and clambered down giving a turn to Nala who too climbed in amongst the branches, eyes wide with excitement.

Playtime eventually died down and our over-sized cubs settled down to rest. The sound of sprinting and climbing was obviously heard by Athena in her den and enticed her to come investigate. She settled amongst the lionesses to slumber for the next hours. We have observed Athena leaving and returning to her den frequently over recent days. Although her behaviour is difficult to read this could an indication that her cub is developing well and needs feeding less frequently. Females with developing cubs will often only return to their cub once a day to feed them; dusk seemingly being a favoured time for this. As Kenge’s cubs grow we expect that she will also be seen away from the den more often.

After a long communal cat nap the pride made the long march into the Valley area of Ngamo. Whilst Athena went to quench her thirst in a nearby gully the rest padded down the bushes and grass to create a place to continue their napping.

We had yet again no visual of Kenge but managed to locate her with our telemetry to be close to water hole 2 in her cosy den.


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