No Worries in Ngamo

18 06 2011

By now our lions were on the brink…of bursting. We drove through Ngamo on the 15th admiring the substantial collection of zebra skeletons the pride had collected recently to find Milo, Phyre, Kenge, Athena and AT1 on their 8th zebra kill in 2 weeks (one every 1.75 days, expected kill rate one every 1.8 days).

Our research team gawped at the prospect of where this meat could possibly be going yet all lions happily gorged themselves further on the fresh kill. In between feeding bouts Milo managed to burn off some calories by mating with both Phyre AND Kenge. As expected Kenge has once again has come into heat, approx 3 months since the loss of her litter in April. It appeared it really was good to be the king as Sir lay with his two beauties by a bountiful meal in the midday sun.

Meanwhile Ashanti and Kwali remained tucked away in the shade of the den in Hwange some 40m from the kill site. A visual on the 16th revealed all three observed cubs are mobile with beautiful big blue eyes now wide open.  (all cubs are born with blue eyes, changing to their adult colour around two months old)

Nala & Narnia were in light-hearted mood.  With the pride fat & flourishing its members can relax with no worries and waste some energy playing about with one another.



Milo is a busy boy!

24 02 2011


Athena has moved, presumably with her cub(s) nearer to waterhole 2 and is now residing in a new dense thicket.  Kenge, who has not been seen for several days now and is assumed to have denned to produce her litter has chosen an even denser thicket in the Masai Mara area not far from waterhole one.

And what of the rest of the pride?  Well they are, shall we say, busy.  Yesterday morning they were in the Etosha area before moving eastwards into Kruger for the afternoon.  Milo concentrated on mating with Phyre whilst the Ns watched. 

By this morning Kwali, Ashanti and Milo were back in Etosha with Milo getting it on with Ashanti before he headed to Hwange to meet up with Phyre again.  The Ns on the other hand were in Masai Mara.  Later in the day Kwali and Ashanti joined Milo and Phyre who were still mating, whilst the Ns moved to Amboseli. 

So at least one cub born, more about to be born, or already have, and Milo getting friendly with two more females.  The pride is growing.

For those who think all these place names are meaningless, we have posted a map of the in the right hand bar to refer to.  Just clock on the icon for a larger version.

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