Kenge: the unassuming hunter

26 02 2011

Kenge with her sister and Ngamo pride mate Kwali were born on 31st October 2004.  The litter comprised one male and two females; the girls’ brother being Kwezi.  As a group they became known as “the 3Ks”.  Kenge means “everything’s going to be alright!”


Kenge was a very skittish cub to start with but she had lightening fast reactions and from an early age showed some of the hunting promise that she was to perfect later on.  The 3Ks went on their first Night Encounter on 22nd July 2006 and were an immediate success, taking a wildebeest on their first hunt.  They went on to successfully hunt duiker, steenbok, more wildebeest, guinea fowl and a number of impala.  Athena was added to the group on 17th December 2006 and joined the 3Ks on their continuing success taking many more impala, rabbit, duiker, wildebeest and red hartebeest.

Kenge was released into stage two in August 2007 and was an integral part of the pride’s hunting success.

After re-release in the Ngamo site in September 2010 Kenge is most likely to be found in the company of Ashanti, the pride’s alpha female or Phyre.  Kenge is most likely to socially interact with Phyre whilst receiving the highest number of social greetings from Nala.

Earlier today Kenge moved her two cubs to a location nearer waterhole two, and is therefore not far from Athena, our other suckling mother


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