Deciding to undertake a postgraduate thesis was a huge life decision for me and the whole process seemed quite overwhelming at first. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but turning that into a viable research study was a daunting prospect. Given that my field work was to take place in Africa my university was limited in how much support they could provide. The team at ALERT were hugely helpful as I prepared for my study. Their thorough understanding of the animals that they work with and the environment that they operate in was incredibly useful to me in establishing my methodology and making sure that it would really work on the ground. They handled all the logistical arrangements for me and have been incredibly supportive as I have embarked on this journey. I would highly recommend their programs to anyone interested in carrying out a research study in Africa.” Lisa Clifforde, MPhil, Exeter University

The ALERT Facilitated Research Program offers unique and unrivalled opportunities for study, whether you want to be up close and personal with lion cubs as they practice their hunting skills, watching a pride of released lions as they adapt to a wild environment, observing a variety of African game species or implementing a study with local communities assessing conservation awareness or the impact of conservation initiatives on livelihoods for example. 

Our program not only allows students undertaking dissertations or senior theses to complete their course requirements in a unique environment, but will also enable valuable data sets to be produced that will greatly assist our organization in developing sound conservation and management plans.

Support is available throughout your research process, from preparing your methodology to its implementation from our highly experienced project-based research technicians.

Ten percent of all program fees paid by research students from non-African nations are retained by the Trust to provide fully funded placements to students from African universities that will enable capacity building within Africa for research.

For more information on studying with us click here


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