Pride Members

Milo, the dominant male in the pride, born 7th December 2002.

Ashanti was born on 8th November 2004

Sisters Kenge & Kwali were born on 31st October 2004

Another pair of sisters are Nala & Narnia, born on 26th November 2005

Phyre, born on 4th July 2005

and finally, AT1 who was born in the release site on c. 20 January 2011

Kenge has two cubs KE3 and KE4 born in the site c. 4 october 2011.  Ashanti has two cubs AS4 & AS5 born in the site on c. 4 Nov 2011



5 responses

29 12 2011

Has anything been decided yet about Athena status in the program?

29 12 2011

As to whether she can be re-released at a later date? Not yet.

16 01 2012

Hope Athena will get a second chance, but realise this depends on her behaviour as she could pose a risk. This is a difficult problem and new cubs cannot be endangered. I feel for Athena and hope the her situation can change.

30 01 2012

i was wondering how Phyre has been doing? any cubs?

28 02 2012

How is Phyre doing now that she’s lost the cubs? ALERT Facebook page mentions that she might be given contraception until the pride can be moved to a larger area. I am curious, is there a relation between Phyre losing the cubs and the size of the release area?

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