A Son for Milo

30 01 2012

On Sunday (22nd January) morning the whole Ngamo pride were all resting together at waterhole 1.  As Ashanti and Nala watched impala grazing through bushes in the distance AS4 and AS5 were playing close by together with KE3 and KE4. Ever since Ashanti began introducing her two young cubs to the pride our Researcher has been avidly trying to determine the sexes of our two newest additions and today it was finally confirmed.  It is not such an easy task to perform as their little rears and tails move around so often but it appears that, after a spell of all female cubs being born in the site, including AS4, Milo finally has a son! AS5 is a beautiful boy and we are sure he will grow up to be every bit as handsome as his dad.

As midday arrived and Ashanti, Kenge, Phyre and AT1 continued to sleep off yesterday’s big meal Kwali, Nala and Narnia still found the energy to watch and stalk impala and zebra that were wandering through Masai Mara, completely unaware of their spectators.  Luckily for the zebra and impala however just watching was about all the girls would be doing today as they soon lost interest in the herd ahead of them and returned to laze with the rest of their pride members, rising occasionally for a quick drink before returning to flop all over each other where they slept until the sun began to set.

Monday (23rd January) was another lazy day in Ngamo and on entering the site in the morning we found Nala, Narnia, AT1, Phyre, Ashanti and Kwali continuing to rest in Masai Mara not very far from waterhole 1 indicating that they probably had quite a lazy night too.  By mid-morning they finally began to rise and with Ashanti leading the way Phyre, Narnia, Nala, Kwali and AT1 all went for a stroll through Masai Mara towards Serengeti West.  The reason for their procession was soon apparent as they stopped at the old remains of Friday’s zebra carcass and began to chew at the bones for the last scraps they could find.  Meanwhile Kenge, KE3 and KE4 remained at waterhole 1 where they stayed for the rest of the afternoon.  As the day drew to an end Milo, who had so far not been seen today, appeared walking from Serengeti East towards Etosha where Kenge and their cubs were now playing.  It was only a fleeting visit from dad and although he sat with Kenge for just a short while it still gave his cubs enough time to excitedly clamber all over him before he began to lose his patience and he rose once again and walked away into the sun.

On Tuesday (24th January) it was our younger pride members that kept us entertained as while Milo, Narnia, Phyre, Ashanti, Kwali, Kenge and AT1 all spent their day resting in Etosha,  KE3, KE4, AS4 and AS5 made their own fun playing and chewing on twigs and branches.  It was not too long before AT1 joined in their fun but just as she was beginning to settle into a bit of play fighting with AS4 she opened her mouth and bit softly at the lively cub.  Well at least she thought she bit AS4, to her total surprise she had accidentally bitten Ashanti on the nose!  Realising her mistake she quickly stood up looking quite startled at herself and moved away before Ashanti could react to the young lioness’ playful advances.   By early evening our young cubs were still full of energy and were practicing techniques that will help them hunt in the future.  As they stalked and ankle-tapped each other the four little lions were gaining more and more confidence as they strayed a bit further away from mum chasing each other and rolling through the grass.  Of course it doesn’t matter how much fun they seem to have play-fighting, nothing seems so much fun as climbing a tree and while Ashanti relaxed as the sun began to set on Ngamo AS5 showed off his climbing skills to a very proud mum indeed.




6 responses

30 01 2012
Yvonne Barton

Wonderful news to have a little boy in the pride!

30 01 2012

Milo’s got a boy, wonderful news but I’m sure all his sisters will keep him in check!

30 01 2012
terry woo

love em!

31 01 2012

Really good sharp photo’s and well framed too, a credit to the photographer. I think the research team are doing a tremendous job there at AP. Just love reading these posts on the daily goings on of this super pride. Milo’s offspring especially has me enthralled, and now he has a son! I’m sure he will be just as magnificent as his dad. These post get better all the time. Just love the way they are written too. Well done to all at AP.

8 02 2012

Great news for the pride, and us.
Love the pictures!

8 02 2012
Deschuymere Carole

thanks Steve-O! in a week or two you can see the rest of them on my website http://www.carole-wildlife.com

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