A quiet start to the new year

11 01 2012

The New Year in Ngamo began with Nala and Narnia fast asleep in Etosha as Kenge and her cubs were resting in Serengeti East. It wasn’t long before Phyre arrived and as she drank KE3 and KE4 curiously followed her and watched the her quench her thirst.  Not being too keen on having an audience Phyre growled as she drank and the startled cubs returned to mum’s side where they watched from afar as Phyre took rest in some shade. 

The 2nd January was a very quiet day with the morning finding Narnia, Phyre, Ashanti, Kenge, Kwali and AT1 all resting in Etosha.  Milo and Nala, who were out for a bit of a morning stroll, later joined their fellow pride mates to see the day draw in.  The pride rested together in Etosha for most of the day and as the sun began to set they once again took to their paws and wandered along the boundary road towards Treetops.  AT1, playful and curious, livened up her evening walk by stalking guinea fowl along the way, distracting her and causing her to have to run to catch up with the rest of her pride. 

On Tuesday (3 January) morning we found Ashanti, her cubs and Kwali resting in the shade of a tree on the increasingly popular High Street South in Serengeti East.  Shortly after 7am AT1 was spotted in the long grass just behind the tree where Ashanti and Kwali lay.  After watching Ashanti’s cubs suckle from mum AT1 perhaps sensed that this was not the time for introductions and she made her way into the long grass out of sight.  By lunchtime Kenge and her two cubs had arrived and the idyllic spot at which they were resting was beginning to look like a crèche!  It was a beautiful sight as Ashanti and Kenge together with their respective cubs slept through the hottest part of the day. After their midday catnap; and while Ashanti was grooming her cub and Kenge’s cubs were suckling from her, Phyre and Narnia arrived. They too sensed that Ashanti would prefer some space and so after taking a drink from the small natural stream that runs through the rocks Phyre and Narnia sat in the shade looking on at Ashanti and her young.  Soon afterwards Nala and AT1 appeared and joined Narnia and Phyre in their shady spot. Narnia, seeing that Phyre and AT1 had the best spot under the tree, tried to squeeze in between the pair, much to Phyre’s audible annoyance.

By Wednesday (4th  Jan) it had been five days since the pride had made a significant kill, that of a wildebeest, and everyone was starting to get a bit peckish. Phyre, who was resting in Etosha with Ashanti and Kwali, spent most of her day watching birds, impala and even giraffe that were grazing in the treetops in neighboring land.  Kenge too, having some time away from her cubs, also seemed to be looking for something to eat and stalked zebra that were passing through Serengeti East.  Perhaps Kenge’s hunger level had not quite reached its peak, as the zebra passed by her as close as 20 metres without her making any attempt to chase.  Or perhaps it could just be that two energetic young lions are expending most of her energy and she decided that she would leave it to someone else to capture her next meal for her. 




2 responses

11 01 2012

Ah.. KE3 & KE4, still as inquisitive as ever!
Methinks they all had quite a fill of Zebra and Wildebeest right up to the lead of New Year. There was so much activity then.. A good way to start 2012 though.
What are the temperatures like there now?
I especially liked the photo of Kenge and KE3!
Another good set of photo’s and yet another superbly written post by the research team. Well done again!

12 01 2012

Lovely post and beautiful pics, especially of Kenge and KE3 – thank you. All is well in the research area and 2012 has started well.

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