A very Ngamo Christmas

29 12 2011

On entering the site on Saturday (24 December) we met Nala, Narnia and Milo all resting together once again in Kruger.  The two loving sisters, even proving it in their sleep; they amusingly slept side by side in mirror image of each other.  It was a morning of very little activity with the only effort being made by Milo as he walked to waterhole 3 for a drink.  By midday Narnia had left her sister and Milo and had met up with Kenge who was taking a well-earned break from her playful cubs.  Meanwhile Ashanti, Kwali, Phyre and AT1 were spending their Christmas Eve in The Valley.

On Sunday (25 December), in the true spirit of Christmas, the whole pride came together and was all resting in Etosha where they remained for most of the morning.  The only thing missing from their Christmas Day was their Christmas dinner and by early evening Ashanti and Narnia had taken it upon themselves to remedy the situation by stalking a large herd, full of variety, with wildebeest, zebra and impala.  Nala soon awoke and joined her sister and Ashanti in the hunt, instinctively flanking to the left.  Kwali also joined in, followed closely by hunter in training, AT1.  AT1 walked alongside Kwali as she too stalked the array of food ahead of them, stopping occasionally to observe the girls at work.   After a lengthy session of stalking we left the lions with their gazes fixed upon their potential festive feast and wished them all a happy Christmas.

Monday (26 December) morning and yesterday’s hunt must have paid off as four fat lions in the form of Kwali, Nala, Narnia and Phyre were lying about in Treetops.   Our researcher was unable to find the carcass of the unfortunate victim but suspect it may well have been a wildebeest one was “missing” in the site today.  Around midday AT1 waddled from waterhole 3 with blood on her face and a huge belly! Ashanti later joined the group having eaten a good meal too but she soon left her pride members to join her cubs who were tucked up safely in their den.  As the sky clouded over and heavy rain set in Kenge, Kwali, Narnia, Nala, Phyre and AT1 all took what shelter they could in the long grass where they spent the rest of the evening sleeping off their dinner.  It seems that the pride, like many of us at this time of year, may have over-indulged a little!




One response

2 01 2012

Another brilliant blog, with super photo’s too, I must say… I had to smile seeing Milo with his paws across his brow and eyes so tightly shut.. (I could relate to that on New Years Day morning when I awoke in much the same fashion!!)
How cool was that too, when the family all came together on Christmas day morning in Etosha? I’m delighted that the pride are doing so well and thank you research team for keeping us all, so well informed.
Can I take this opportunity to wish you all at AP, A very happy and prosperous 2012.
Well done to you all.

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