KE3 & KE4 decide that stripes are in season

28 12 2011

Tuesday (20 December) morning and what appeared to be a lone Narnia taking a morning stroll soon turned into a game of follow the leader.  As she wandered through Amboseli she came across Nala and AT1 both lying on an anthill.  They rose to their feet and the trio made their way towards the waterhole where Phyre, Kwali and Ashanti were also resting.  They too joined the procession and they all walked together for a while before resting in Etosha.  Meanwhile Kenge and her cubs spent the day lazing and playing in Serengeti East.

On first sighting of the pride on Wednesday (21 December) they all appeared to have enjoyed a good meal with zebra being their food of choice.  Nala, Narnia, Phyre, Kwali and AT1 were all resting in Etosha with pink chins and large contented bellies. Not going without a meal, Kenge and her large belly were also spotted wandering through Serengeti East together with KE3 and KE4, surprisingly quite close to grazing zebra.  KE3 and KE4 instantly took an interest in the unusual striped animals and, showing that they may turn out to be two brave little lions, started to walk towards the zebra who in turn were as interested in the daring cubs.  After watching for a few moments mum Kenge decided that they should perhaps wait a little while longer before taking on zebra and she rose to her feet forcing the zebra to run back for safety.

Thursday (22 December) was somewhat of a quiet day in Ngamo with Phyre, Kwali,  Ashanti and AT1 not being seen all day.  Milo spent his day in Etosha resting alongside Nala and Narnia, an unlikely pair for the boss to be spending his time with.   Kenge and her cubs were not too far away at waterhole 1 and as mum rested KE3 and KE4 amused themselves by playing with a stick.

On Friday (23 December) Phyre, Ashanti, Kwali and AT1 all spent the day resting in the long grass of Treetops.  Milo joined the girls later in the day where he remained until the sun went down.  As they all slept a group of zebra passed by, approximately 60m away.  With a lions scent being one of its best hunting tools it was no surprise that Ashanti and Phyre’s heads raised just as the zebra neared.  Kwali, also picking up on the scent, made no hesitation; and on seeing Ashanti move into a stalk position flanked to the right to begin the ambush.  As Kwali drove the zebra back in the opposite direction Ashanti patiently waited for her chance to pick up the chase.  Unluckily however Ashanti failed to catch the zebra and after watching the herd run on for a short time the lions all returned to their previous positions and went back to sleep.  Although unfortunate that their hunt was in vain it was an exciting end to a very sleepy day in Ngamo.




4 responses

28 12 2011

I really do have to take my hat off to the research team who monitor every day life of AP’s pride and keep us informed with such interesting words and photographs. I wish I was there, I feel like I am there, just reading the blogs!
I especially liked the last panoramic shot of KE3 & KE4 in the shade and Zebra over to the far right and of course the first photo too, how proud does Mum look there? I just found that if I click on these photo’s, I get full screen views too! Wow.. Brilliant.

29 12 2011

Fun post – Do you know if the KE’s are male or female?
Thanks – keep up the drama. Maybe one day it will be a TV soap opera (starring lions not humans). They make a much more exciting subject.

29 12 2011

from what we have been able to see we believe that the pale cub is female and the darker one is likely male.

31 12 2011

I second the above and would like to thank the research team at AP for keeping us up to date with what is happening in the Ngamo Pride. One male and one female cub, how lovely and a son for Milo.

Happy New Year to all at Antelope Park and especially to the lions.

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