This will melt your heart!

23 12 2011

Late morning on Saturday (17 December) we were met with a heartwarming sight as Kenge, her cubs and Milo were all resting together in the shade of a tree in Serengeti East.  Looking the perfect picture of a family, KE4 slept by mum and lively KE3 played with branches and rolled around on the ground before climbing upon dad and running over his belly as he slept unphased by the young cub.

On Sunday (18 December) – we found Milo, Phyre, Nala, Narnia, Kwali and AT1 all in Masai Mara, resting after catching and killing a zebra in the early hours of the day.  Ready for breakfast Narnia made her way to the carcass only to be chased away by Milo, running for around 15 metres, just to make sure she got the message.  Kwali, knowing full well that she would have to wait for her sitting decided to amuse herself by chasing away crows that were making the most of the remnants at the spot the kill took place.

In the afternoon Nala, Narnia, Kwali and AT1 had taken their places for a second sitting.  Again Milo appeared, but this time, as the girls quickly scattered, it was Kwali who bore the brunt of Milo’s bossy ways and he chased her more than 30 metres away.  Seizing the opportunity Nala and Narnia attempted to return to eat but again fled as Milo approached.  He sat, as usual, beside the carcass making sure that no-one got past him.  That is except for AT1! It was a sight hard to believe that such a domineering male would sit back and allow only his daughter to eat.  In true daddy’s girl style AT1 sat leisurely chewing away at the zebra while Nala, Narnia and Phyre had no choice but to simply look on at the youngster.

Monday (19 December) turned out to be a very long game of hide and seek.  Despite searching the site thoroughly the majority of our elusive pride were nowhere to be seen!  The hot weather following a few cooler days of rain had most likely taken its toll on the lions who were probably resting from the hot sun in a secret shady spot or a long grassy area.  Kenge and her two cubs were spotted resting at yesterday’s zebra carcass assuring us that she had managed to get her share, even if it might only have been a small portion.

As the day drew to a close and KE3 and KE4 played together close to mum at waterhole 2.   AT1 approached eagerly, perhaps as happy as we were to find another pride member.  But she soon came to a halt when she caught sight of the cubs. Appearing not to quite know what to make of the little lions AT1 looked on as they tumbled around and played on an anthill.  As Kenge spotted AT1 watching intently she rose to her feet and looked at her for a short while, holding her stare but making no gesture.  A confused looking AT1 innocently rose to her feet and moved to sit some 60 metres away, frequently looking on at the family.  With Kenge’s cubs about to make their permanent introduction to the pride any time now perhaps AT1 is beginning to realise that she may not be daddy’s favourite forever.




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23 12 2011

Beautiful!! x

23 12 2011

I just loved your post. As usual I can invasion all of these dynamics and really this warmed my heart. It is quite cold here in Montreal right now so this was a fuzzy feeling of warmth – very appropriate for xmas time. Wishing you all at AP a very happy holiday and to the Pride a full course zebra
meal at xmas dinner.

23 12 2011

Another super blog.
How cool is Milo letting AT1 tuck in like that? I hope she remains Daddy’s girl cos I love them both and it did melt my heart too, so a good heading also. Keep up the brilliant work and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all at Antelope Park. A very Happy Christmas.

23 12 2011
Joyce Kinton

Family life….aawwww every Picture tells a story !
Sometimes pics arent needed but the words describing the scene are enough….So AC1 might lose her number one postion with Daddy ?
Ive got a feeling she’s made her place in the pride and the little ones can learn a lot from them !!
Have a great Christmas xx

23 12 2011

Milo letting AT1 get to the zebra, always thought this girl would get her way!! Lovely adorable pics of the cubs. Would love to know what was going through AT1’s mind when she saw them, but well done to Kenge for making sure she kept her distance. Hoping they all become great playmates, so enabling the pride to move on and forward.

I would like to wish everyone at Antelope Park a very happy Christmas and New Year, and thanks for the wonderful memories.

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