After days of lying around the Ngamo pride get peckish

19 12 2011

Following a period of lazy days and sleeping the past week in Ngamo has been one of bloodshed.

Tuesday (13 December) was perhaps the build-up to the killing spree as Nala locked her hunting instincts on a baby impala that had dangerously strayed too far away from its mother, and who were now separated from each other by a group of hungry lions.  It was a nail-biting episode for our researcher and volunteers as they watched nervously as Nala stalked the tiny antelope.  To Nala’s disappointment, baby impala can very fast and managed to out-run her following a lengthy chase.

Nala’s embarrassment of missing out on the impala yesterday could quite possibly have made her more determined on Wednesday (14 December) as it appears that she, along with Ashanti and Kwali, successfully made a small kill; a sub-adult wildebeest.  The trio was first seen walking along the road in Treetops, all with plump bellies and pink faces.  Investigating the area the girls were leaving from we came across Phyre, Narnia, Kenge, Milo and AT1 at the remains of the carcass all excitedly eating.  Getting a little too excited AT1 attempted to take the same piece of meat as Narnia and was quickly put in her place by her close pride member with a swipe to the face. As usual Milo made his presence felt and mealtime was unfortunately halted for Kenge, Narnia and AT1 whilst the boss moved in for his sitting.

By Thursday (15 December) the casualties rose with two zebra falling victim to the pride.  Kenge and Narnia were the first to strike early in the morning in Serengeti East and were found leisurely tucking into the meal.  Perhaps the arrival of Milo made them wish they had eaten more quickly as once he got his paws on the girls’ prize he sat selfishly guarding it for the remainder of the day, even using it as a pillow to rest his majestic mane!  Mid–afternoon and Nala and, surprisingly, AT1 captured the second unlucky zebra in the long grass of Hwange.  Could it be that AT1 was involved in her first ever grown-up hunt?  The pair, lucky that Milo cannot possibly be in two places at once, were able to enjoy their meal peacefully and in their own time.  However, further away in Etosha sat unsuspecting Ashanti, Phyre and Kwali, all oblivious to the feasts they were missing.

Friday (16 December) and the pride spent the whole day resting.  Ashanti, Kwali and Phyre at yesterday afternoon’s zebra carcass were a pleasant sight as it would seem that the trio finally made it to join Nala and AT1 to get their share of dinner.  Further away from the pride Kenge looked on as her playful cubs passed the time away.




3 responses

19 12 2011

Fabulous pic of Milo resting on the zebra- he is a cheeky chap!

19 12 2011

What a brilliant blog ! I had to laugh at the way Milo got his paws on the girls prize and then used it as pillow for the rest of the afternoon. I wondered what the hungry girls where thinking as he lay there looking so content.
Well done to the researchers. These blogs just get better all the time.

19 12 2011

Fabulous post. So exciting – I know how hard it is to sit in the truck while they sleep – but then the big payoff. In any case – all is well that ends well. Everyone got their food and every can sleep again – especially the driver…David?? Who IS driving these days?? Regards from Bea

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