Sisters can do it for themselves

14 12 2011

A brief sighting of Kenge with her cubs at waterhole 1 on Saturday (10th December) morning was a delightful start to the weekend.  Although KE3 and KE4 are very wary of our research vehicle we were lucky enough to be able to watch for a short while as they ran around mum and hid behind her, before we moved on to find the rest of the pride.  We found them, including Ashanti, in Masai Mara.  Ashanti had left her cubs in the safety of their den while she came out to hunt, along with Kwali, Nala and Narnia.  The lionesses patiently stalked wildebeest for almost half an hour before giving an exciting chase.  Ashanti, who managed to get within 10 metres of the wildebeest, could not manage to keep up and the targeted wildebeest escaped to rejoin the rest of it’s herd.  Unfortunately however the pride would have to go hungry for another day as even the best stalking and flanking tactics demonstrated by Ashanti, Nala and Kwali were fruitless.

Nala and Narnia’s determination for a good meal finally paid off and on Sunday (11th December).  The sisters took matters into their own paws and left the pride for a spot of mid-afternoon hunting.  Proving that sisters really can do it for themselves the duo successfully caught and killed an adult wildebeest that had been wandering around the long grassy area of Treetops.  The girls managed to eat for around half an hour before Milo arrived and joined them at their reward.

After 20 minutes or so the bossy male decided that he was no longer prepared to share and dragged the carcass away into a bush, leaving Nala and Narnia with nothing to do but watch.  There he sat, guarding it closely and frequently rising to chase the girls away, reminding them not to get too close.

Monday (12th December) morning, appearing to be either stubborn or simply lazy, Milo was resting in Treetops in the very spot he dragged yesterday’s wildebeest kill.  Phyre, Ashanti, Kwali, Kenge and AT1 all reassuringly looked to have eaten too so we presume Milo must have shared his stolen meal at some time during the night.  Young AT1, tired with a full belly, flopped on top of sleeping Phyre who growled at her continuously until she moved.  AT1 begrudgingly sloped off and rested beside her for the remainder of the afternoon along with Kenge, Nala and Narnia.




One response

14 12 2011
Jan Caire

Hey Milo – share that meal ! Love to see one of Kenge’s cubs peeking around the from behind Mom – just as well that he/she doesn’t get too familiar with vehicles.
Happy Holidays to the lion researchers, volunteers, handlers and everyone at Antelope Park!

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