KE3 & KE4 come out to play

11 12 2011

Sunday (4th December) was a very lazy day for the Ngamo pride and they lay about all day long in the sunshine, only moving occasionally to find a cooler spot of grass or a different tree for shade.  On Monday (5th) morning we found Milo, Phyre, Nala, Narnia, Kwali and AT1 all resting in Treetops.  They all looked to have large bellies and as there was one less zebra counted on entering the site that morning it confirmed to our researcher that they must have enjoyed a good meal overnight.  Despite her full stomach, a plump AT1 still found the energy to watch grazing impala eagerly as the rest of the pride slept.  As the days pass by AT1 is becoming more and more confident and it is exciting to see that she is beginning to learn from her fellow pride members.  As Nala stalked impala on Tuesday (6th December) AT1 also got into the spirit of things and decided to do some stalking of her own, targeting Kwali who was innocently sitting nearby. Brave girl!

On Friday morning, (9th December), as a considerably inactive week ends Milo wandered around Etosha, with Kenge and her cubs following right behind him!  Unfortunately our research vehicle surprised the cubs and they quickly, and very cutely, turned and trotted away in the opposite direction.  Kenge had to move swiftly to keep up with the speedy little ones as she tried to re-direct them towards Dad who was now resting in some shade.  It has been quite a few days since she last brought KE3 and KE4 to the pride and with them now nearing 9 weeks old perhaps this is the beginning of her integrating them on a more permanent basis.

However, while Kenge was busy tending to her young it seemed the rest of the pride had only one thing on their mind. Food!  For the past few days (6th, 7th and 8th  they have been actively watching the game in the release site.   That is, of course, when they were not lazing in the heat of the day.  Today finally saw Ashanti, Kwali and Nala taking charge of the situation and, just as the sun was beginning to warm the day, they hunted zebra and wildebeest in Serengeti East, albeit unsuccessfully.




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