Film: When Kenge introduced her cubs to the pride

8 12 2011



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8 12 2011

This was beautiful. It made me feel as if I was there, sitting in awe, with my camera in my lap, not taking any photo’s, just simply enjoying Ashanti’s proud moment. How cute are those cubs?

8 12 2011

Oops….. Sorry I meant Kenga’s!!

8 12 2011
Joyce Kinton

I was eating my evening meal when I saw the first video clip where the lions had caught their prize and felt a tad out off !
Then Kenge bought out her babies to show them off to the others, who didnt seem to take any notice ! Ive a feeling they will, very soon !
What a wonderful mum Kenge is…..she doesnt take her eyes off them for one minute !! Well done Kenge…theyre soooooooo gorgeous xx

8 12 2011

It was so heartwarming to see this video clip. It reaffirms the success and possibility of a viable Stage 2 Research site. For a while it was a bit hairy with Athena in there and now I feel confident this Pride will work together to grow and grow into a larger group – of course if they continue having game to hunt, and Milo remains active as a stud muffin. All is so good for now.

10 12 2011

Lovely and heartwarming video giving much optimism for the future of Stage 2. Lets hope the sadness in the past with Athena is over and the pride thrives. Kenge looks to be doing her job as a good mother, well done. Look forward to seeing Ashanti’s cubs and watching AT1’s reaction to the newcomers. Been back six weeks now and missing AP!!!

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