Kenge steals the boss’s lunch and Ashanti’s cubs go for a walk

5 12 2011

Thursday (1 December) morning, after a very long drive around Ngamo in search for our lions, we finally found Phyre resting in Amboseli on her own.  She let out a couple of roars, possibly in the hope of finding the rest of her pride.  By late morning Kenge had arrived to keep Phyre company disappointingly leaving her cubs in their den.  The pair sat together comfortably with Kenge even being treated to a grooming session from Phyre.  Shortly after midday Milo appeared from a nearby bush and as he approached our researcher noticed he had blood on his chin! He seemed very pleased to see Kenge and greeted her enthusiastically before they both headed back in the direction from where Milo had been.  All of a sudden Kenge came running out from the bush with a male impala!  Kenge seizing her chance of a meal quickly ran away as a disgruntled Milo chased after her.  Perhaps Milo wasn’t so happy to see Kenge that day after all!

Friday was somewhat of a lazy day for the Ngamo pride.  Nala, Narnia, Milo, Phyre, Kenge, Kwali and AT1 spent the whole morning resting.  Ashanti joined them all in the afternoon for what turned out to be a fleeting visit and she and Kwali left heading in the direction of Ashanti’s den.

Saturday (3 December) morning and Milo takes a break from his female pride members and rests by himself at Waterhole 1.  The rest of the pride was again keeping Ashanti company at her den site, or perhaps they are just as excited as we were to meet the new additions!  Ashanti is proving to be a very attentive mother following her young every step of the way as they wobbled around in the short grass just outside of their den.  Phyre, who was resting nearby approached the family and Ashanti gave her a warning growl to tell her to keep her distance.  Phyre, unphased, again found herself a shaded spot and went to sleep where she spent the remainder of the afternoon with Kwali and AT1.




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5 12 2011

I read this blog like it is an ongoing soap opera. It just warms my heart to keep up with this pride. They may be tough, rough and all that stuff – but they are also tender, attentive and tactile…..gotta love them. PRIDE IN RESEARCH.

5 12 2011

Lovely to see Ashanti’s cubs, look forward to seeing more pics. She seems to be doing a good job looking after and protecting them. The removal of Athena appears to be paying off. Love the pic of Milo chasing Kenge as she managed to pinch ‘his’ impala – one up for the ladies!!

Thanks for the news from Ngamo, always look forward to the updates and glad to hear they are settled and seem to be thriving, especially AT1.

6 12 2011
Joyce Kinton

Been waiting for sights of the new additions to the pride !
Ahhhhh little ones……they look well fed and happy, always a good sign..I imagine AT1 might feel a little put out by the babies !
She wont remember when she was small…I hope she can tolerate them and show them the tricks of the trade !! LOTS to look forward to xx

8 12 2011

Another brill blog from the research team, I have to agree with slovakianchic above, I find these really informative and so interesting. Ashanti really does look the proud and attentive Mum. Those little cubs will soon be out there, having a go for dinner. Ah poor Milo, he had his pinched. x

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