Milo’s favourite: AT1 vs Phyre

2 12 2011

Arrival into Ngamo on Thursday (24 November) found the pride resting close to waterhole 2.  Our researcher noticed a dead impala (natural causes) at the base of a nearby tree and sat willing the pride members to notice it too.  After a while Nala eventually spotted it and went to investigate.  A curious AT1 watched Nala and very slowly began to stalk towards her.  That is, until Kwali spotted the impala too, and as she approached  AT1 decided to try and beat her to it and quickly ran towards their conveniently found breakfast.  Milo heard the hungry lions and he too came to investigate what was going on.  He dominantly chased Nala and Kwali away from their food but a stubborn little AT1 stood her ground and continued to eat.   Nala, not being phased by Milo’s bossy ways, soon had bigger things on her mind and she and sister Narnia chased after wildebeest, albeit unsuccessfully.   After having a break from eating a cheeky AT1 tried to re-approach the carcass as Phyre, Milo’s favourite lady of the moment, was taking her share and he swiped at his daughter putting her firmly in her place. It seems AT1 can only get away with so much!

Friday’s (25 November) first sighting of Nala and AT1 with pink chins and huge bellies could only have meant one thing; one less wildebeest and our researcher’s suspicions were confirmed when Kwali was found in Kruger near to Route 66 getting her fill of the latest kill.  Kenge, who also appeared to have eaten, rested with the group for a while before returning to her den.  With two young mouths to feed this is reassuring to know as she needs to remain strong.

Saturday (26 November) morning and the pride are up and about and wandering around Kruger.  They walked almost the whole length of the site, exploring as they went, pausing occasionally to rest in Treetops and again in Hwange before finally coming to a stop in Serengeti East.  Their tour of the site must have left them quite tired because the rest of the day was spent resting in Amboseli .

The following few days the pride continued as normal, laying under trees avoiding the sun and saving their energy for their next hunt.   Tuesday (29 November 2011) brought a surprise pride member out hunting;  Ashanti, who was spotted in the distance in Serengeti East stalking wildebeest along with Kwali.  The pair were unlucky this time and what must be a hungry Ashanti made her way back to her den followed by the rest of the pride where, proving a strong social bond, they remained until Wednesday (30 November).




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2 12 2011

I was so happy to hear the latest report. Sounds like all is going well in research. Have you seen the cubs lately and what is the update on how many there are as of now?? Ashanti’s?? I left before she had any, and the little Kenge cubbies?? Keep up the amazing work.

2 12 2011

Brilliant! I do enjoy reading these great and informative updates. Really well written and with the pictures saying a thousand words too, I feel like I am there! Superb. Keep up the splendid work.

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