Lion cubs at play

24 11 2011

Arrival in Ngamo on Saturday morning (19 Nov) finds most of the pride resting in Treetops, all with huge bellies and bloodstained faces suggesting they have eaten well in the early hours of the morning.  Kwali was found eating the little that remained of the zebra, that is until Milo arrived and she had to give up her space and let him eat.   As the heat of the day made it’s way in, the pride moved to rest in what seems to be one of their favourite spots between Kruger and Treetops where they remained for most of the day.  A walk to waterhole 3 in the afternoon turned out to be quite a get-together as new mothers Kenge and Ashanti both take some time away from their offspring to socialise with their fellow pride members.

Sunday (20 Nov), and AT1 turns 10 months old! Her developing confidence is becoming more noticeable as she more regularly sits further away from the other pride members and often goes missing for large parts of the day, perhaps resting with Ashanti at her den or off on a mini adventure of her own.  However she always rejoins the group by early evening resulting in lots of excited greetings and play activity with her two favourite playmates of the moment, Nala and Narnia.

On Wednesday morning, after two rainy days, the pride are quite active and they walk almost the entire length of the site, perhaps with hunting on their minds.  Returning to the lions in the afternoon confirms the suspicion about the pride being hungry as our researcher finds Milo eating a recently killed wildebeest and the whole pride, minus Ashanti, all resting in Etosha with full bellies.  As Milo continues to eat, nearby Kenge calls and walks into the long grass.  She re-emerges with her two bundles of joy, audibly calling back to mum.  Kenge rests near to Milo as he eats and KE3 and KE4 begin suckling.  Nala, Narnia, Phyre, Kwali and AT1 don’t appear to share in the excitement of their arrival, barely raising their heads as the cubs wander around in the long grass.  As Milo lets out a roar a surprised KE3 stopped suddenly, stared wide-eyed at dad in clear surprise at the noise he is making, before turning and toddling off into the long grass for safety.  Kenge is proving she is an excellent mother being extremely attentive and not taking her eyes or ears away from her young cubs for a moment.




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24 11 2011

Thanks for the update. I was waiting. Funny thing happened as I left AP – I became more addicted to the ongoing saga of the pride. While there, I knew next day I would see them again in Research, but now that I am back in Canada I wait to hear about the dynamics of the Pride and how the cubs are being accepted, their insaciating appetite, AT1 developing as a strong and brave lioness. Now I understand Americas ongoing love affair with daytime soaps. This has become my soap – NGAMO PRIDE.

24 11 2011
Joyce Kinton

Great pics of the cubs !!! So happy That Kenge is looking out for her little ones !!
All seems well with the Ngamo pride and for this time theyre feeding and behaving too !! xx

24 11 2011
Jan Caire

I don’t have a TV and this is much more exciting than a daytime soap – I’m sure. It’s amazing how much the cubs have changed in just 10 days – they look great!

24 11 2011

Oh, the little cubs are just adorable! Great to see that Kenge is being such a great mother!

26 11 2011

Great pictures of Kenge and her cubs! I pray that they survive to adulthood!!!

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