AT1 goes a hunting

18 11 2011

After the short burst of cub activity when Kenge introduced her offspring to the pride on 14 November, both Kenge and Ashanti have been keeping themselves and their respective families to themselves; although Kwali seems to be a regular visitor to Ashanti’s den.  But given that our researchers only spend around six hours of each day, in 3 x 2 hour blocks, with the lions there will be many events that go unseen by us.  Further cub integration and hunting may be among these events.  There appears to have been some sneaky hunts taking place over the last few days, the only evidence being our game numbers of zebra and wildebeest are down.  Of course the rather rounded bellies of the lions in the morning were also a tell-tale sign!

Rainy weather and a refreshing cooler temperature injected some life into the usually lazy lions and they spent all afternoon playing with each other.   Surprisingly the usually grumpy Phyre was also in jovial mood and was often the one initiating the bursts of play activity.  Nala and Narnia, aware of Phyre being the most dominant and largest lioness in the pride, were initially hesitant to join in with the fun but soon got into the spirit of things.

On Tuesday (15November) AT1 was absent for most of the day only returning to the group late afternoon; seeming very excited to see the pride she greeted everyone with visible enthusiasm.  The following day (16th) she again moved away from the pride and was busy stalking a mating pair of dikkop.  It seemed the birds were fully aware of her intentions and tried their best to scare her off from their probable nest site nearby.  The birds’ plan seemed to work and AT1 refocused her efforts onto a less threatening bush.




3 responses

18 11 2011
Joyce Kinton

Now then AT1, slowly slowly catchey monkey !!! xx

18 11 2011

I am so excited to get your updates. I had no doubt that AT1 would be a strong-willed, and forceful part of the pride. Just her behaviour when she was still with her mum, Athena, showed me her possibilities. Strong female, and persistent.

Keep on updating – miss AP, the lions, and the research. Working on my photos makes me nostalgic.

24 11 2011

Always look forward to getting updates and pics. Glad AT1 is settling down and coping well without her mum, Athena. It really was a sad time in the Ngamo pride recently but I’m happy the pride seems to be thriving now and that the arrival of the new cubs are slowly being integrated.

Missing AP, the lions and vols.

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