Kenge visits the pride with KE3 & KE4 in tow

14 11 2011

On Sunday (13 November) our researchers found most of the pride members, including Ashanti, on the border between Masai Mara and Serengeti West.  Like the previous day they spent most of the first part of the morning hunting, without success.  Once again Ashanti, perhaps inadvertently, led the rest of the pride to her den. Kenge however was spotted by waterhole 1, appearing hungry and watching wildebeest from afar before she too returned to her den shortly after midday.  The rest of the pride rested at Ashanti’s den for the remainder of the day, the only activity being a lazy walk to a new cool spot under the shade of a tree.

By Monday (14 November) morning most of the pride were found at waterhole 2, and they all appeared to have quite rounded bellies suggesting that they have eaten.  All wildebeest were accounted for which indicates that another zebra has become dinner.  Even though Kwali appeared to have eaten well she was still interested in wildebeest but decided as they were too far away it would probably require too much effort.  Because of the heat and their full bellies the pride spent the majority of the morning sleeping.  That is until shortly before 8am Kenge arrived……

…..with two beautiful and healthy looking cubs! The whole pride seemed very interested and became quite vocal at their approach.  Nala stood up curiously to investigate Ngamo’s new additions but protectively Kenge snarled at her to keep her distance.  Perhaps given the previous history of pride interaction between her own cubs this was to be expected.  The cubs were relaxed and playful and did not seem at all phased by the considerably larger pride members looking on.  AT1 was friendly and inquisitive; climbing on top of a mound to gain a better view!  Although the cubs seemed happy with the pride they decided to return to the comfort and safety of their den with attentive Kenge following right behind them.  It is probable that Kenge will continue to slowly integrate her cubs with the pride over the forthcoming weeks.






3 responses

14 11 2011
Jan Caire

Hooray Kenge! What cute little cubs you have! It is touching to see the motherly instinct of protection too.

14 11 2011
Joyce Kinton

Just another meet and greet day to the Ngamo pride, but a great day for the humans who are following the pride what a joy to see two ,little ones and looking good !!!!
The pride maybe wondered who the cubs were……as they grow they will be included into the fold and if they behave themselves they might get on with Milo !! xx

15 11 2011

Oh, they`re simply adooorable! Can`t believe I missed it though 😦

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