Ashanti found! and she is not alone…

12 11 2011

On Thursday (10 November) the lions were found resting in Etosha, being joined by Kenge shortly after the researchers arrived.  She walked cautiously out into the open, looking around her, stayed for a few minutes and then headed back in the direction of her den, only to reappear later on that morning.  It could be that she was hoping that the rest of the pride had made a kill because we have not seen her eat since 3 November, when Ashanti and Kwali killed a zebra in Tree Tops.  Having said that game counts report several missing impala so there is little chance that she has been going hungry.


We spotted Kenge again with the rest of the pride in the midday session, but again she soon left towards her den.  After half an hour we heard the unmistakable call of a dying zebra towards Kruger.  All the pride looked up and ran in that direction, with the research vehicle tailing behind them.  We found Kenge strangling a sub-adult zebra and the rest of the pride settling in for their lunch.  And there they remained for the rest of the day.


After all the action on Thursday, the lions had a bit of a lazy day on Friday (11 November).  They spent the majority of their time resting in Amboseli from the hot midday sun with the occasional slow trip to the waterhole and then back again.  However, by Saturday (12 November), the lions appeared to have regained some energy.  The researchers entered the site in the morning to find the whole pride, led by Ashanti and Kenge, hunting in Serengeti East.  They stalked herds of zebra, wildebeest and impala for over half an hour and walked almost the entire length of the release site trying (but failing) to catch some breakfast.  AT1 amused herself during this trip by climbing up a tree to get a better view of the prey.

As they walked in the direction of Kenge’s den, Kenge separated off from the rest of the pride and went back to attend to her cubs.  Ashanti lead everyone else towards waterhole three but bypassing the water and going on towards where we believe Ashanti has established a den; near leopard tree.  Ashanti went to her cubs, followed by Phyre, Milo and Kwali.  As the vegetation was very dense it was hard to see exactly what was going on, but it appeared as if Phyre had got a bit too close to Ashanti’s cubs.  Ashanti defended her offspring by growling and roaring ferociously at Phyre, who left shortly afterwards.  Kwali, being the special lioness that she is and with a friendly curiosity for new-born cubs, sat quietly by Ashanti’s side and rested, occasionally looking on to the new cubs and mother.  Narnia also came to have a look at the new additions to the Ngamo pride and then went back to Nala to give Ashanti some space.  The researchers also did not want to disturb Ashanti or her cubs any longer, so after getting visuals on what appear to be at least two fit and healthy cubs we left the pride contentedly resting in the shade.  These latest additions we believe bring the total pride to 1 adult male, 6 adult females, and we think 5 cubs but it could be 4, it could be more.







2 responses

12 11 2011
Joyce Kinton

Well fed, you have to close your eyes when theyre doing what comes naturaly…blood and guts !, its worth remmbering this is how Lions get their food !!
News of little ones, no matter how many, is wonderful and a sign that the tigeresses are doing their bit to keep the pride growing…
Keep well lovely

12 11 2011

OMG – I could not have read a more exciting novel. Nobel quality – I am so excited for the dynamics in the Pride, Ashanti, Kenge and love Kwali. I hope this Pride grows and grows and all works out for Stage 2 – move on to Stage 3. Praying, wishing and hoping to come back some day. Miss the girls and the stud muffin.

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