One week on…

3 11 2011

AT1, one of the youngest members of our pride has obviously had to make some adjustments to her life over the past week.  So how is she fitting in with the adults around her?

In the last week AT1 has most commonly been found in closest proximity to aunt Narnia and aunt Ashanti, although she is observed significantly closer to Narnia when Narnia is AT1’s nearest neighbour.  Nala is the next best choice of who to hang out with followed by Phyre, although with Phyre’s general attitude to life AT1 usually maintains a more sensible distance to her even if Phyre is her nearest neighbour.   Kwali is least likely to be AT1’s nearest neighbour and also the furthest average distance from any lion when she is.

As a young and non-dominant member of the pride we would expect AT1 to infrequently be the object of social interactions, but frequently to instigate them.  Of only 5 interactions observed where AT1 has been the object two of them have come from Narnia (one social licking and one play).  Nala, Kenge and dad, Milo have all instigated an interaction towards her once each with dad’s being a good lick of his young daughter.

Interactions instigated by AT1 are much more plentiful this past week.  Only one lion has not been the object of these interactions; Kwali.  Phyre and Kenge were both greeted once each and Ashanti twice, although Kenge’s frequent absence from the pride to care for her own cubs reduces the chance of a social interaction between AT1 and Kenge.    Nala is a frequent object of AT1’s attentions for a greeting or play, but it is aunt Narnia and her dad that are lavished with attention for play or just a snuggle.

AT1 appears to be continuing her default position as a very playful and energetic cub that never ceases to amuse observers.   We’ve also seen her taking a more active role in hunts over the past weeks and certainly continuing this week.  With Narnia being such a phenomenal hunter, AT1 could not have a better role model to learn the necessary skills from and we hope our youngster continues to tag along with her.




One response

3 11 2011

Godd to see AT1 not too depressed at losing her mother. Sure she will grow up to be a great pride member.

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