Welcome three new members of the Ngamo Pride

4 10 2011

This morning (2 October) began with a slow start, with most of the pride found resting and very inactive (other than AT1 trying to unsuccessfully hunt pied crows) in Amboseli.  Kenge, Kwali and Phyre were not present, so the researchers left to search the rest of the site in the hope that they could find them.  About 15 minutes after leaving Amboseli they spotted Kenge resting apparently by herself on the side of the road down Route 66 in Hwange.  The researchers took data on her location and were just about to leave when they spotted another female lying about 10 metres from her behind a thicket.  They reversed the vehicle slowly to see which lioness this was.  It turned out to be Kwali, Kenge’s sister, who we could not locate yesterday (1 October).  As the researchers looked around the area they noticed another figure in the thicket by Kwali, and on closer inspection, it turned out to be Phyre – complete with at least three baby cubs!!!

The cubs, who were still a little wet and probably born during the night, were nursing a very happy and content Phyre, who was not at all disturbed by the quiet but extremely excited researchers being there.   However, we did not want to disturb the proud mother and her diligent bedside nurses, so left a few minutes after arriving to let Phyre attend to her precious cubs.  It was comforting to see that she was being well looked after by other lionesses.  Kwali has shown herself to be a great maternity nurse, as she also sat by other lionesses as they were due to give birth.  Kenge may too be curious about this fantastic process of life creation, as she is hopefully due to give birth within the next week or so.

Readers should note that the likelihood of all three of these new additions surviving are low.




2 responses

4 10 2011
Joyce Kinton

Im deighted Phyre has deliverd her cubs safely and also the other lioness’s have been invovled in the excitment…
Its too soon to be sure of the furure of the little ones, but will pray they will be spared any kind of hardship or pain…
Welcome little cubs, your family will look after you too xx

4 10 2011

Amazing! Hopefully they’ll survive! Can’t wait to meet the pride again next year!

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