The Ngamo pride melt into their surrounds

24 09 2011

As the researchers entered the site early on Wednesday morning (21st September), Kwali, Kenge and Ashanti were found feeding on the remains of the zebra carcass that they had killed the morning before.  The rest of the pride appeared to have already had their fill and were resting contentedly in other parts of the site.

For the next few days, the lions spent most of their time relaxing under trees shading from the sun with full bellies and appearing not to have a care in the world.  Thursday (22nd September) proved a difficult day for the researchers to find the lions at all as they decided to bed down in tall yellow grass in the Hwange area, under a thicket, and were therefore extremely well camouflaged to the researchers’ eyes!  It is amazing how well lions can blend in with their surroundings and be unnoticeable until you almost stumble on top of them!   This plays to their advantage when stalking prey because even the keenest of eyes may struggle to see the ghostly figures of tawny felines creeping towards them.

By late Friday afternoon (23rd September) the pride started to became more active and vigilant towards movement, which may signify that they may try to hunt later on in the evening.  The researchers hope to find the lions on another kill tomorrow morning!




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