Ashanti gains some new headwear

22 09 2011

On Sunday (18th September) it looked as if the pride were getting hungry again as all lions were vigilant to any movement or noise in or around the release site. Any game that have wandered within 100m of the pride have been spotted or smelled with much attention being paid towards them – including from AT1. However, because of the warmer days, the lions haven’t felt like doing much when the sun has come up, other than trying to find the biggest tree with the most available shade to hide under.

That was until early on 20th September, when the pride took down a zebra in the Camp area of the site. The researchers found the pride resting near the half-eaten zebra carcass on Tuesday morning, all looking plump (to say the least) and content. Some of the females were slumped out next to waterhole one (Kenge looked so fat that she seemed like she might pop), with Milo, Athena, AT1, Nala and Narnia snoozing by the carcass.

Once again, Milo was showing his dominance over the females by fiercely protecting what was left of his dinner and shooed many of the females away that dared even look at the carcass. However, brave Ashanti shocked the researchers as she confidently strode towards Milo and began feeding, despite his loud growls and snarled scary face. Milo tried to cover the carcass with his body, but Ashanti squeezed in under him so that Milo was sitting on her head! Her defiant persistence paid off as she managed to get in some more mouthfuls. Ashanti is one of the larger and more dominant females of the pride and this courageous behaviour is evident to her high place in the pride structure.




2 responses

22 09 2011

This photo made me laugh!! What a contented lioness with a belly full!!

22 09 2011
Yvonne Barton

Definitely don’t mess with Ashanti – good for her!

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