Lion etiquette 101: don’t jump on Phyre’s head!

19 09 2011

The researchers entered the release site on Friday (16th September) to find Kwali wandering around the burnt area of the site on her own and calling for the rest of her pride; but no answer came.  She searched around Etosha before giving up and resting in Serengeti East.  The researchers then moved on to find out where the rest of the pride was hanging out.  Most of the lions were around the carcass that they had from the day before, with Phyre, Milo and AT1 all taking turns to eat.  Milo, AT1 and her mother, Athena, spent most of the day by the carcass, but Kwali was still absent from the pride.

By the morning of Saturday (17th September) Kwali was again found in the burnt area of the site by herself.  Eventually by the midday session she had met up with the females who were all resting by waterhole one where they spent the rest of the afternoon.  Possibly because of the breezy weather, AT1 was in a particularly active mood, initiating play with many females including the usually grumpy Phyre.  Phyre surprisingly tolerated her animated antics, right up until AT1 pushed the boundary a bit too far and jumped onto Phyre’s head; it was then that Phyre put her foot down and bared her teeth at the cheeky cub, who decided to try her luck with Athena and Narnia instead, both of which appeared to be in a much more receptive mood for her playful advances.

Moments before the researchers left the site at the end of the final session of the day, AT1 was seen trying to climb trees, stalk and jump on fruit and carry round chunks of reeds that she’d plucked from the waterhole.  The researchers haven’t seen her so active for quite some time!




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19 09 2011

Anymore news on the pregnancies of Phyre, Ashanti and Kenge?

19 09 2011

Aww, little AT1 jumping on Aunt Phyre’s head !!. Good to see that she is still a content little cub and very playful. I have always said that she has a wonderful spirit – keep going AT1 because you and your pride bring smiles to my face with every catchup!!

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