Water works

17 09 2011

On Wednesday (14th September) the pride were awarded with a renovated waterhole three.  This was much needed, as we had noticed that the water was evaporating away too quickly in this hot dry season.  All the lions appeared extremely happy with their new drinking spot, which somewhat resembles a luxury swimming pool in scale.  Kwali was the first to check it out as she jumped in, closely followed (and stalked) by AT1.  All the pride soon came to drink, some who quenched their thirst for over 10 minutes – it’s like they’ve never tasted water before!

AT1 has been once again trying to suckle without much success.  In the afternoon she attempted to grab a milky meal but was rejected numerous times – much to her discontent!  She voiced her disgruntled opinions with a high-pitched growl to the amusement of the researchers.

By the morning of Thursday (15th September) Milo had a fresh carcass in Hwange which he tried to hide away under a dense thicket from the bothersome crows and vultures circling overhead.  He even plucked up the energy to run after the pesky feathered fiends as they dipped down to nab a morsel.   A few moments later Kenge caught scent of the decaying flesh and made a beeline for the carcass, with a parade of females on her tail.  Kwali and AT1 looked on with hope as the more dominant females got their fill.  Eventually, after the rest of the pride got their fill Kwali and AT1 were able to feed.  By the end of the day, all lions had rounded bellies and were resting off their dinner.




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