AT1 waits her turn to become a barrel

14 09 2011

It has been a while since the research team last saw the Ngamo pride feeding on a zebra kill. Although few kills have been witnessed recently the body condition of the lions suggests that they have been making smaller kills during the nights when the team are not following them.

However when the team entered on Monday (12th September) they noticed that there was one zebra missing and sure enough soon found the pride looking extremely content.  Already most of the female’s stomachs were greatly extended and only Milo was still feeding.

Phyre attempted to approach the kill for more food on a couple of occasions but was soon put in her place by the dominant male.  Ashanti had more luck and managed to sneak her way in for an extra mouthful or six.  AT1 waited for Milo to fall asleep and then took her chance to move in.  Once there she ate so much her stomach bloated like a barrel.

Once all bellies were full the pride (very) slowly made their way to waterhole one. They quenched their thirst; after all who can eat such a big meal without a drink to wash it all down with, and then collapsed to sleep.  As the sun began to set the team left the lions looking happy, healthy and very much like they were not moving anywhere anytime soon!




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