Kenge multi-tasks. Or not as the case may be.

11 09 2011

The team entered the release site on Thursday morning (9th September) to find Nala eyeing up some impala for her breakfast. Stalking slowly through the grass she patiently edged closer and closer; her eyes focused only on the target in front of her. But a misplaced step alerted the impala to her presence and they quickly ran off, much to Nala’s disappointment.

By midday she had returned to the rest of the pride, in the Etosha area, who were all passed out underneath the shade of the trees. Milo caused giggles with his loud deep snoring, although AT1 didn’t seem too impressed and swiftly moved further away from her annoyingly loud dad.

It appears that lions have a little bit of trouble with multi tasking, the team watched with great amusement as Kenge attempted to scratch her ear and lick her chest at the same time, which just resulted in one back leg being stuck up in the air and her tongue hanging out.

The pride stayed comatose for the remainder of the day until just before sun set. Slowly awaking from their slumber, Kwali, Ashanti and Kenge watched impala and zebra graze nearby through still bleary eyes. Clearly deciding that hunting involved too much energy at that point the girls decided to invest their time with the more sedate activity of grooming before falling back to sleep once again.

The life of a lion is a hard one!




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