Getting caught up in the drama

5 09 2011

Sunday (4th September) started as a very sedate day for the Ngamo pride, Milo was found resting on his own by waterhole 1 whilst the females were belly up in the Amboseli region of site.

However that all changed when the team entered for the late afternoon session. Milo had joined his girls but was passed out again.  Kenge and Athena were busy with an intense grooming session whilst Nala and Ashanti were watching the world go by.  Suddenly Phyre and Narnia awoke from their slumber and began running.  Milo was soon hot on their heels, also moving quicker than the team had ever seen before.  The rest of the pride quickly got caught up in the drama with AT1 bringing up the rear.

The team were perplexed as to what was going on; perhaps they had picked up a smell of some sort?

The pride’s pace slowed but they continued to stride out with purpose, intently focused on something ahead.  They appeared agitated and defensive, but what had caused this reaction, the team had no idea.

Eventually they began to settle down again, but still were vigilant.  Their behaviour seemed territorial, but what evoked that response remains a mystery.




4 responses

5 09 2011
Louise Cuthbertson

Bizarre… I would be interested to know if you ever found out what caused them to behave like that… sounds interesting..

5 09 2011

We will never know. It just highlights the unpredictable nature of the animals. Which also makes them fascinating to study.

7 09 2011

When will Athena start mating again?

7 09 2011

her cub is only just over 8 months old, so probably not for another year at least

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