AT1 takes lessons from aunt Nala & Narnia

3 09 2011

The Ngamo pride clearly didn’t want the research team following them on Friday (2nd September). As the team approached the Ngamo Road gate they found five of the seven lionesses patrolling the area. Deciding that it was best to enter via another gate if they didn’t want to become breakfast, the team headed to gate one, only to find Milo lying on watch! The only option left was to drive around the other side of the site and enter by gate four.

When the team finally approached the pride inside the site they found them in the mood for hunting in the Masai Mara area. Nala and Narnia were stalking towards three zebra, closely followed by AT1 who was copying everything that her favourite aunties were doing. With Nala and Narnia being two of the pride’s most skilled hunters it is nice to see that she is learning from the best.

As the zebra began to move away Nala climbed an anthill to gain a better viewpoint. Obviously deciding that the hunt wasn’t going to be successful this time around she headed back to the rest of the girls, followed by Narnia and AT1.

After a quick drink from waterhole one, Nala and Narnia settled down to rest together whilst AT1 decided to pay a visit to Milo lying a short distance away.

As the heat of the day kicked in the pride happily slept the day away, occasionally rising to drink or find more shade.




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