Year two begins

1 09 2011

As the sun rose over the release site creating another beautiful African sunrise on Thursday (1st September) another milestone for the ALERT program was reached.  The team entered the site celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Ngamo pride release.

Of course the lions had no idea how special the day was but for our research team sharing another day inside the life of the pride was the perfect way to celebrate.  The team practically bumped into Kwali, Nala and Ashanti as they moved south along route 66 towards Etosha, and the rest of the pride was not far behind.

They slowly ambled their way in to Serengeti East (an area recently burnt) and settled down to indulge in some grooming before eventually falling asleep. Being two of the most playful lionesses, Nala and Narnia celebrated the special day with a game of chase and some serious rough and tumble before the heat of the day got too much and they also succumbed to their drooping eyelids.

It a fitting scene for the occasion, the seven girls rested close together, reaffirming the strong bonds that have been the cornerstone of the pride’s success, whilst Milo entertained his daughter a short distance away.  We can only hope that the second year is just as successful as the first for the Ngamo pride. Happy anniversary!




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2 09 2011
Jeyna Grace

Nice post!

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