One year in the life of a pioneering lion pride. Part 1

1 09 2011

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Its now been one incredible year since the females of the Ngamo pride were released, with Milo joining them two weeks later.   We celebrate here the highs and lows, the trials and tribulations, the joys, the tears…ok, you get the picture.  Over the past year we have put in over 1600 research hours, observing the pride as it goes about its business; come rain or shine, baking heat or freezing cold.

So here we present part one of a tribute to the Ngamo pride; a selection of photos in no discernible order that show just a glimpse into the life of a pioneering lion pride.





2 responses

1 09 2011
Joyce Kinton

Wow A Whole year !!!!
They do say time goes quickly when your havin fun, and we sure have had fun !!
One year of pics and narration and yet. we still want to see the pride you must be proud of David ! on our screens…..
Soooooooon ? xx

1 09 2011

How brilliantly put together part one and two – one year passed already and what a magnificent job you have done not only for this pride but for thousands of people who support you. You give us regular updates and it is evident that you appreciate the people who support and follow you and this incredible pride of lions.
I have laughed and cried this last year and AT1 has stolen my heart – I absolutely adore this little one – what a little fighter she is .
You all need to give yourselves a huge pat on the back; you have achieved so much and still continue to do a fantastic job for conservation.

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