AT1’s place at the dining table is maybe not so assured anymore

31 08 2011

Having gone four days without making a substantial kill, the research team were not surprised to find the Ngamo pride on a fresh zebra kill on Friday morning (26th August).

As usual Milo was monopolizing meal time but the team noticed a change in his behaviour to his daughter AT1. Since her introduction to the pride, Milo has allowed AT1 to practically consume whatever she wants from kills and she has become quite a spoilt cub. However she is now seven and a half months old, and appears to be starting to loose her privileges of being the baby of the pride. As she approached the kill, on several occasions Milo actively chased her away making her wait her turn until he had finished like the rest of the females have to. Obviously surprised and a bit confused by Milo’s reaction, AT1 looked to her mother Athena for comfort, greeting her and vocalising loudly.

As AT1 continues to get older, she will have to start fighting for her place on kills and finding her rightful place within the pride. With the possibility of new cubs arriving within the next month or so she will no longer be the centre of attention and will have to settle for becoming a juvenile lioness, no longer the baby. But with her feisty and confident nature the team are in no doubt that she will quickly find her place and continue to thrive as a member of the Ngamo pride.




One response

31 08 2011

Poor AT1 – she must be confused that her dad won’t let her join in!!. I just love this little one she has a wonderful fighting spirit. Let’s hope her nose isn’t pushed out too much with the arrival of new cubs – but she will get used it eventually and become the “big sister”!

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