Dangerous games

24 08 2011

The zebra in the Ngamo release site clearly like to live life on the wild side.   As the research team were observing the pride on Sunday (21st August) in the Amboseli region of the site they noticed 3 zebras in the near distance. The lions, fast asleep and snoring loudly, were completely unaware of their potential meal being so close by.  Slowly the zebra moved directly towards the sleeping lions, focused on the new shoots coming through from the fire.


With the wind in the lions favour, the team held their breath waiting for one of the lionesses to sit up and spot the zebra. But the zebra walked passed the lions within 40m of them and continued to graze on the other side without any of them noticing. After a while the zebra appeared to have enough of playing dangerous games and moved back past the lions towards waterhole one; once again the lions were completely oblivious to their presence.


Of course as soon as the zebras had moved on both Ashanti and Athena sat up and began grooming, whilst AT1 went over to greet Milo before Athena decided that it was time to give her daughter her daily bath.  Clearly it was the zebras lucky day.






One response

30 08 2011
Tracey Henderson

Yes, the zebra was certainly in luck that Sunday! Sleepy lions — laying down on the job!! LOL

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