Fat Cats

22 08 2011

After consuming a lot of zebra over recent days we found the Ngamo pride  intent on sleeping their full bellies off on Friday (19th August).

When the team entered in the morning they found Kenge making a half hearted chase of another zebra that ventured too close to the resting pride, but unsurprisingly her barrel-like belly stopped her from any great effort. She returned to the rest of the pride, which soon made their way to Etosha to rest on the burnt area under the shade of trees. This is becoming a favourite spot for the pride, with them often choosing it as the area to rest during the day.

The remainder of the day was spent sleeping and grooming themselves. Even AT1 didn’t appear to have the energy to play, spending the day sleeping next to Milo and Kwali, occasionally sitting up to check what was going on around her.

Milo had a brief burst of energy to chase a low flying plane which caused a few giggles from the research team, but then it was back to sleeping.  As the team were about to leave for the evening the flat cats began to stir and started to move off in the direction of WH1; albeit at a very slow pace.




2 responses

22 08 2011

I just love this little one, AT1 , she has thrived so well in this pride and is a free spirit. Good to read that even she can get beat by some buldging tum!. And Milo, does he really think he could get that plane? ha ha bless him too!

22 08 2011
Joyce Kinton

Lovely pic…which beautiful cat is this ?
Please feel a little for the Big cats at Zion wildlife park in NZ….
Their furture is uncertain and they might have to be re-homed or worse….Thank goodness your pride dont face that problem…xx

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