A cold wind brings a spate of successful hunts

17 08 2011

Just as it looked like summer was arriving it stopped at the door waiting to be invited and a cold front jumped in ahead of it. Sweeping in like a bad smell the cold air changed everything again for the mood of the Ngamo lions. When it’s cold lions are much more active and as if to make the most of the wind in their tails the pride have made three zebra kills in three consecutive days following a five day kill free period.

On Monday (15th August) the team entered the site in the morning to find the pride enjoying a zebra breakfast near waterhole one. A lot of the carcass had already been consumed suggesting that it the kill had taken place late the night before. The pride fed intermittently throughout the morning and then rested by waterhole one, all looking very full and content.

On Tuesday morning (16th August) the team found Nala and Narnia moving towards waterhole three and found Milo resting by another fresh zebra carcass. The pride were already so full that none of the lions fed during the morning research session. When the team returned in the mid morning and evening sessions the females had clearly found their appetite again with Kenge, Athena, AT1 and Narnia feeding on the kill.

When the team arrived in the site on Wednesday morning (17th August) they located Athena, Ashanti, Phyre, Nala, Narnia and AT1 by waterhole one and watched with amusement as the cool weather brought out their playful side. AT1 spotted some impala and immediately started to practice her hunting skills, stalking then chasing the herd towards waterhole two. The girl’s moved off towards the eastern side of the site where they met up with Milo and Kenge, who as you probably have guessed were on yet another kill! Ashanti and AT1 settled down to feed whilst the rest of the females gained some well earnt rest. By the size of their bellies it doesn’t look like they are going to be moving anywhere anytime soon.




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