Summer arrives…

14 08 2011

Summer slowly seems to be arriving in Gweru and the whole Ngamo pride has been doing what lions do best when it is hot; sleeping.

On Friday and Saturday (12th and 13th August) the lions spent all day resting by waterhole one, occasionally rising to drink or move in the shade when the sun got too strong.

The research team were left giggling when they heard loud snores coming from the lions, and eventually managed to attribute them to Athena who lay fast asleep as AT1 suckled. It seems snoring must be in the bloodline as the team also heard her sister Ashanti snoring later in the day!

As the sun began to set the pride slowly began to stir, with AT1 causing much entertainment as she leapt in to the air with all four paws off the ground trying to grab fruits off the trees before proceeding to land flat on her back, looking slightly abashed.

The team left the site to the sound of Milo and his girls roaring in response to the others lions at Antelope Park, letting the world know that the Ngamo site is their territory and nobody elses.




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