Feisty AT1 takes on the adults

11 08 2011

It appears that the Ngamo pride are utilising the unburnt land in the release site for their hunting requirements where cover still exists.

The team found the pride on Monday (8th August) on a fresh zebra kill in the Tree Tops region of the site, one of the furthest points away from the area that was burnt. The whole pride was present, with Athena, Narnia, Ashanti and AT1 feeding on the kill. However it wasn’t long before Milo moved in and dragged the carcass away from the females and into the shade. Of course AT1 wasn’t far behind and soon began to feed next to Milo.

It is becoming very clear that AT1 is very possessive of her food. Recently she has become aggressive if any other lion approaches her when she is feeding. On Monday we saw Athena attempting to groom her cub whilst she was feeding, but AT1 did not appear to want to mix feeding time with grooming time and aggressively growled and swiped at her mum. The team also witnessed her being aggressive to Kwali over the kill, who even moved away from AT1 and rested nearby until she had finished feeding.

This type of aggression will stand her in good stead to get her fair share of food as she grows older.




One response

11 08 2011
Joyce Kinton

AT1 is growing up ! She is changing from a baby to a young Lion who will have no trouble feeding herself when the time comes xx

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