AT1 joins the hunt

7 08 2011

The Ngamo pride has spent the past few days adjusting to their new look home since the fire burnt half of the site.  When the team entered the site on Saturday (6th August) they witnessed, for the first time, the pride attempting to hunt on the burnt areas.

The added advantage for the team is that they are now able to see the pride hunt a lot clearer and have a better view of what lion is doing what. However this also means that the game can spot the lions a lot easier so therefore the pride need to work much harder to make a kill.

The females made several attempts to chase both impala and zebra but were not able to get within less than 15 metres before they were spotted and the game swiftly moved off.

But then Nala started to flank off to the left and the rest of the girls lay in a line, flat to the ground and about 10 metres apart. The team lost sight of Nala and waited and waited for her to chase but nothing happened. But then just as the team thought she had perhaps given up, the zebra started to run towards the other females with Nala trotting along behind them. As the zebra got closer Ashanti and Kwali began to chase, steering them right towards a very vigilant Athena who soon joined in the hunt. The females chased to within two metres of the zebra but unfortunately the zebra just managed to evade them on this occasion.

The females regrouped whilst AT1 attempted to take on the zebra by herself, stalking and chasing until she decided that perhaps she might need the help of her older pride members. She returned to the group and collapsed on top of Phyre, who usually has little patience with the youngest member of the pride. But this time she turned around and gave AT1 a quick lick on the head and then went back to sleep with AT1 sprawled on top of her.




3 responses

8 08 2011

I have been following the progress of the Ngamo Pride for several months now. I really enjoy your updates of the pride’s activities. However, it would be great if more pictures could be added.

8 08 2011

Aww AT1 getting in on the act!!. Like Maureen I have been following this pride since have their release and just love reading your updates some of which have been sad in particular the loss of the cubs. But AT1 makes me laugh, so full of spirit and obviously loved by her Mom, Dad and all her aunts, even her Aunt Phyre.
Keep up the goodwork, you are doing a fantastic job. I would love to come and see this pride in real life- is that possible?

9 08 2011

Hi Holly. Thanks for the following the pride. If you look at the links for volunteer, intern and study you will see three ways that you can come and see the pride, but also assist in the projects operation and research.

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