Catching lunch

29 07 2011

The research team entered the release site for the mid morning session on Friday (29th July) with the intent to carry out the monthly game count. However things didn’t quite go to plan.  The team quickly located the lions, all resting within the Hwange area of the site and then moved to the boundary fence line to begin the count.

After a short time searching, a large impala herd was spotted along the road in front of the vehicle. The team grabbed the binoculars and began counting, focused only on the antelope in front. Then out of the corner of their eyes, three tawny shaped blurs ran through the grass at the side of the vehicle; Ashanti, Kwali and Milo!!

The team quickly slammed on the breaks so as not to disturb the hunt and watched as all three lions gave chase. The herd tried to escape but unfortunately one was not quick enough and Kwali took the opportunity to bring it to the ground whilst holding it around the neck. Milo soon muscled in and the two of them pinned it on the ground, panting heavily.

Once again Milo was not happy about sharing his food and quickly started snarling and growling. Kwali is a low ranking female and unlike Phyre was not willing to argue back. However she seemed to have a clever tactic up her sleeve; as long as she didn’t respond to Milo’s aggression, she could quietly feed on the neck region of the kill whilst Milo continued to growl to himself!

Once Kwali had taken her share, she moved off to drink from the nearby waterhole and Milo quickly grabbed the rest of the carcass and trotted off in to the bush to enjoy the rest of his prize undisturbed and in the shade.

A midday hunt was certainly not what the team were expecting but it does mean there is now one less impala to count.





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