A battle royale

26 07 2011

The research team entered the site on Monday morning (25th) to find Milo and Phyre once again battling it out over a fresh impala kill.

The pair, along with Athena and AT1 were located in Masai Mara and it appeared that the argument over who was going to feed first had already been going on for some time. Both Milo and Phyre were lying on top of the carcass, more concerned about growling and snarling at each other than actually feeding. Phyre seems to be the only female that will challenge Milo over food and once again it looked like she wasn’t going to give up until she got what she wanted.

Athena and AT1 were too preoccupied with their own game of chase to take any notice of the scuffle and slowly moved off towards water hole one.  Who actually made the kill is unknown, although it is somewhat less likely to have been either of the lions currently fighting over it.

The team left Milo and Phyre to it and continued to look for the rest of the pride. After a short search they found them in Tree Tops.  As they drove closer it was apparent that Nala and Narnia were also feeding on a fresh kill, this time a steenbok. The two females quickly devoured the kill whilst Ashanti, Kwali and Kenge rested nearby.  These smaller antelope are much more agile and harder to catch than the zebra, therefore better hunting techniques are needed.

On the way out of the site the team stopped to check on the progress of Milo and Phyre’s battle and were not surprised to find it still hadn’t been resolved. Both lions were still lying over the carcass, attempting to take a crafty bite of meat in between the growls and the snarls. Clearly sharing is not a concept that Milo or Phyre understand!




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