Territorial practice

22 07 2011

As AT1 continues to grow and learn from her more experienced pride elders she will also start to become actively involved in territorial behaviours with the pride.

On Wednesday (20th July) we started to observe the beginnings of this when Milo initiated a roaring chorus within the pride. As Milo’s deep booming roar reverberated through our research team, the females joined in letting everyone in the nearby vicinity know whose land this was. AT1 watched with intense curiosity and then our research team heard a very high-pitched, short roar (if you can call it that) from our youngest female. Our research team watched with great amusement as she stood up and walked next to Milo and gave all she had got for the duration of the pride’s roaring bout.

It is interesting to note that her attempt at roaring gives a much longer and lower vocalisation than her normal call, very clearly indicating that she is attempting to copy her older pride members.  It will be another 18 months or so though before her voice can create a proper roar.

Throughout the late afternoon more roaring bouts took place and each time AT1 joined in, looking very pleased and proud of herself after every one. Our research team left the site in the early evening smiling to themselves as they heard her once again attempting to roar alongside Milo.




4 responses

23 07 2011

Oh, she’s gotten so big! And beautiful! Will she still be in the Ngamo pride when she’s all grown up?

25 07 2011

We hope that she, along with other cubs we expect to be born in a few months time will be released into the wild, the ultimate aim of the program.

25 07 2011

any chance of an audio or video blog post so we can all hear AT1’s efforts??

25 07 2011

We’ll try our best for you

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