Who wants to play?

19 07 2011

With winter in full swing, the cool weather seems to be bringing out the playful side of the Ngamo pride.  On Monday morning (18th July) when we entered the site all the lions were in an extremely active mood, spending the majority of their time patrolling the roads of the site and chasing after each other in the long grass.

When the research team entered in the afternoon the pride were just beginning to wake up from their midday slumber, with AT1 encouraging everyone to get up, taking it in turns to jump on each lioness.

It has been interesting to note Kwali’s reaction to AT1 over the past few days; previously she seemed to have had less interest in the cub than the other females and her patience could wear thin quite quickly when she wanted to play. However recently Kwali has been initiating quite a lot of play sessions with AT1 and seems to be enjoying the attention from the youngest member of the pride.

Monday afternoon’s play session between Kwali and AT1 soon escalated to include most of the pride. Kwali, Athena, Kenge, Nala, Narnia and AT1 were all rolling around on their backs and playfully swiping away at each other before a game of chase ensued.

Ashanti and Milo looked on, too busy with their own mating business to join in whilst Phyre slept, completely unaware of the chaos surrounding her.

Soon after the lionesses decided enough was enough and order was restored. All except for Narnia and AT1 who continued to play until the sun began to set and it was time to start patrolling their territory once again.




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