A familiar picture

17 07 2011

Zebra was once again on the menu for the Ngamo pride on Saturday (16th).  As the team entered the site signal was picked up for all of the pride  in the direction of Serengeti West.  After a short search the lions were found on a fresh sub adult zebra kill, maybe from a couple of hours before.

Ashanti, Milo and AT1 were all feeding whilst the rest of the pride rested nearby. Nala, Narnia, Kwali and Kenge each attempted to approach the kill but were all quickly chased off by Milo who seemed to be only willing to share with Ashanti who he is currently mating with and his daughter AT1.

The carcass was rapidly disappearing and when our research team arrived at the kill in the afternoon nearly three quarters had already gone. Milo and Ashanti had moved off a short distance giving Kwali and Narnia an opportunity to feed; crunching away on the ribcage.

AT1 was also still feeding, whilst mum Athena and aunt Phyre were engaged in a prolonged bout of social grooming, cleaning off all the blood from the faces.

Life is good in the Ngamo pride right now.




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