One cold and windy morning in July…

15 07 2011

As the research team entered the site on a cold Wednesday morning (13th) the telemetry kit indicated that the whole pride were located somewhere within Masai Mara area of the site; not too far from the team’s entry point.

Following the direction of the signal they soon came across the pride enjoying a fresh zebra kill.  Kwali, Kenge, Milo, Athena and AT1 were all tucking in whilst the others all rested nearby.

After a little while Milo decided that the girls had had enough to eat and chased them all off the kill and dragged his prize a few metres away from them. But there was one little lioness that knew she could get her own way and sure enough AT1 followed Milo and boldly began feeding right next him. After a few grumbles from Milo the two of them happily fed side by side until AT1 could eat no more and moved away to sleep off her meal and leaving dad to feed by himself.

The pride stayed by the carcass for the remainder of the day with most of the females taking the opportunity to feed whilst Milo was sleeping.

AT1 did her best to encourage her pride mates to play but with so much zebra in their stomachs she was left to amuse herself, running around with the zebra tail in her mouth and attempting to climb a nearby tree. It was a happy and content pride all round when our researchers left the site early in the evening.




One response

18 07 2011
Joyce kinton

What a great description of a cold morning !
Im totaly in love with AT1 and Milo….I could listen to their antics all day !! what a great delight to keep up with this pride and check on how theyre doing in the great outdoors !!
TV series soon ? ealy hope so xx

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