13 07 2011

Nala and Narnia have fast become AT1’s favourite playmates. It is not uncommon for our research team to enter the site and find one of them involved in a play session with her. However it seems all that play has formed some very strong bonds between the little cub and the 2Ns. Whilst observing the pride on Sunday (10 July) AT1 approached Kwali to play but was rebuffed very aggressively. AT1 cowered and called out and Narnia soon appeared alongside Athena to chase Kwali off and reassure AT1 that all was ok. A similar incident occurred a few days before when Ashanti got a little over exuberant whilst playing with AT1 and it was then Nala who quickly jumped to the defence of AT1 and chased Ashanti away. Nala then settled down with AT1 and they peacefully rested together.

Although the whole pride do thrive on having AT1 around, it is good to know that she has other lionesses she can rely on to defend her if Athena isn’t around.

But no matter how strong the bonds are between Nala, Narnia and AT1, when things get a little rough it’s always mom that she seeks out in the end.




2 responses

13 07 2011

AT1 is certainly finding her way, within the pride. She has two protective aunts, as well as her own mum, to look up to! What will Miss AT1 get up to, next diary entry? *chuckles*

13 07 2011

I wonder if the playfulness of the 2N’s has anything to do with their age – they are younger than the other females? Whatever it is that makes the bonds stronger between one lion and another it is great to see AT1 making friends.

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