Kenge catches a vulture

9 07 2011

The Ngamo pride seem to be slowing down from their recent killing spree and have spent a lot of time over the past couple of days resting and digesting all that zebra meat they have consumed over the past few days.

The pride have mainly been located in the Tree Tops area and seem to be making the most of the cool weather with lots of play sessions between the majority of the lionesses.

As the team entered the site on the morning of the 9th July we found the pride resting along the boundary road in Etosha.  Nala, Narnia and AT1 were resting on top of a mound peacefully keeping look out over the release site. Of course peace doesn’t last long with AT1 around and she was soon encouraging them to join in her playful antics.

Once playtime was over the pride proceeded to move to Serengeti West where they discovered a zebra carcass being feasted on by vultures. It looked like the zebra had died of natural causes but the lionesses were more interested in the vultures than the carcass, playfully chasing them away. Kenge seemed to surprise herself when she managed to actually catch one but luckily for the vulture she let go pretty quickly.

After the excitement of chasing vultures it was then back to what lions do best; resting and grooming for the remainder of the morning.




One response

9 07 2011
Joyce Kinton

What a lovely pic……am saving it to my favs…

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