A cub at play

8 07 2011

Wednesday 6th July was a quiet day for the Ngamo pride. Our researchers arrived in the morning to find most of the pride resting in the nearby water hole three.

Signal suggested that Nala, Narnia and Kwali were located not far away by the zebra kill that the pride had made in Tree Tops the day before and when we arrived at the kill both Nala and Narnia were feeding on what little was left of the zebra.

The pride stayed around the kill and water hole three for the rest of the day, mainly sleeping and taking it in turns to play with AT1. Our researchers watched with great amusement as AT1 instigated a game of chase with her mother Athena and then with Nala, both of who seemed quite happy to play along. Milo soon became the object of his daughter’s affection and playfully swiped AT1 with his paws as she climbed on his belly and chewed on his ears, before both settled down to rest. AT1 was soon up again though, this time entertaining herself with sticks, trees and even the tail off the zebra carcass. She is proving to be one very content and playful cub.




One response

8 07 2011
Joyce Kinton

It seems AT1 and Milo are the stars of the pride right now!!
Love how the cub is so playful and interacting with her Dad….soon there will be new cubs coming along and hopefully some of them will survive this time…..AT1 will be older than the new ones, but that just gives her the edge, she’ll be thier BIG COUSIN !”!! xx

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