Milo: a steep learning curve

7 07 2011

Milo seems to have a feel for the hunt after his recent successful kill.  On 5th July as our researchers entered the site on a very cold Tuesday morning zebra alarm calls could be heard coming from the direction of Tree Tops. The signal from the telemetry suggested that the pride was located there and the team quickly made their way over to the area. As they arrived they found the whole pride attempting to bring down an adult female zebra.  The zebra was still very much alive and proceeded to put up a huge fight against all seven females. The lionesses managed to bring the zebra to the ground, but it struggled to its feet once again. As the females jumped on to its back Milo lunged and grabbed its throat with his front paws and mouth. His back legs grasped the zebra around the stomach and he proceeded to pull it back down. Kenge and Kwali were still holding on to the rear end and between the three of them they managed to keep the zebra in place and, with Milo’s fatal throat hold, the battle was finally won by the lions.

Once Milo had his fill the rest of the pride moved in and spent the rest of the day feeding and resting nearby.

Who knew Milo had it in him?!




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